There are three types of bees. The Queen, Workers and Drones.

Honey never spoils.

Honey bees can fly as fast as 15 miles per hour.

There are different flavors and colors of honey.

Saving a Bumble Bee

I found a bumble bee near death in my house and decided to rescue it. Why? How? Find out in today's video. In the video I mention colony collapse disorder. source
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Beekeeping,PART1,Honey Bees Hive building removal.Beekeeper John Pluta saves Bees,Beehive Beekeeping Honey Bees Hive Building removal. Beekeeper saving bees,beehive from building.Honeybee nest removed from ... source
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Solution to the honeybee problem

Please watch: "Xanitra - eXplore ME" --~-- Here is how we can save the honeybees. Thank you to HealthyBee ... source
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Honey Bees/ Wax Moths/ Natural Treatment

One of the biggest pest to honeycomb in a bee hive is wax moths. All beekeeper keep their eye open for this moth because in just a few days it can destroy a bee ... source
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Honey Bee – How I saved his Life

There was a little Bumble Bee outside my window late October, he was freezing, I think he actually may be a honey bee. His little feet are covered in pollen, and ... source
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Honeybee Relocation_Saving their honeycomb

When removing and re-locating unwelcome honeybees it is very important to save their brood and honey in the old location and place it into the beehive which ... source
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How To Relocate A Honey Bee Hive

Why would someone ever want to relocate a honey bee hive? Some beekeepers move their hives as part of a pollination service. But today, we head to Augusta, ... source
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BEEKEEPING,Bees,SMALL HIVE BEETLES,Beetle trap filling,install Beekeepers Honeybees Beehives Georgia

SMALL HIVE BEETLES, Hive Beetle trap filling,installing on honey bee hives.Video,Georgia Beekeeper John Pluta installing Small Hive Beetle traps into ... source
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