Honey Bees Grooming Bumblebee!

Weird and weirder.


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    They aren't grooming it they are trying to keep it out of their nest by buzzing on it raising its body temperature until it either leaves or dies from the heat.

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    Grooming or killing?

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    you can see one honey bee stinging her at the time 5:56

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    thats not grooming they are killing

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    Cute I have pet bee and bumble bee

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    They're biting the bumblebee and temporarily paralysing it, so it can be removed. Nothing friendly about this!

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    They wear it down and overheat it to kill it. They only sting as a last resort.

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    they are preventing the bumble bee from entering the hive.

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    groomed that mason bee to death, then carried the body off lol

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    How do you know they are not biting him? Looks like they are killing him to me. Why would they groom him?

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    New to your channel. You have great topics.enjoy them very much !!

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    It's a shake down, that''s some impressive body armor.

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    They are cooking it.

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    you dum dum thats not grooming

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    racist bees

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    I see gangbang rape.

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    Grooming? There attacking him lol….

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    I also dont think they are grooming. they were biting and pulling its legs, wings and antenna pretty hard. and kept pulling it away from the hive entrance.

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    Um there not grooming it there over heating the bumblebee
    Sorry 😕

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    They are killing her so she cant fly back and report she found a hive

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    that's a carpenter bee

    • nkbbm
    • November 30, 2018

    That's not grooming. All the honey bees are attacking the bumble bee as it is an intruder.

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    They're not grooming the bumblebee. As other commenters have stated, they're cooking it. Bees are not fond of intruders of any species, even close relatives, and they are extremely protective of their hive (The African honey bee, a subspecies of the Western honey bee, has decimated the local honey bee population in many regions of the Americas). Check out the first segment of this National Geographic video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfGEXmnRRK0&t=55s&list=WL&index=26. About 3½ min in, you'll see how they "groom" a hornet invader.

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    After reading through all the comments, I don't see ANYTHING that other people supposedly see. The bees are not, "biting" it, as they have no teeth or mandibles, they only have a proboscis, which is a feeding tube, like butterflies. As far as, "cooking" the Bumble, if they were doing that, there'd be a SWARM of honeybees on that Bumble, not just a few of them.

    I agree the thing about the wing is odd looking, but the Bumble still has both its wings, like you pointed out, many times, owner of vid, soooo Idk. Again, as someone said about, "biting to paralyze?" Maybe Honey's stingers can "paralyze" other insects, but pretty sure they don't feast of other insects, like ants, wasps, or spiders do, "for later."

    I am not, nor am I claiming to be a Lepidopterist, I've just loved nature/animal/documentaries, every since I was a little kid (over 20 years). If people look up Japanese Honeybees "cooking" Japanese Giant Hornets, then you'll see the difference in a few bees crawling on a Bumble, vs actually TRYING to kill another bee thing. Thank you!!

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    Fascinating to watch, but I think that's a carpenter bee, not a bumble bee. The abdomen is smooth – no fuz.

    • cab7
    • November 30, 2018

    Wow, Pretty impressive. Did the bumble bee fly away? 🙂

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