How To Set Honeybee Swarm Traps (FREE BEES)

Swarm trapping is a way of catching free honeybees. If your a beekeeper and you would like to save the expense of buying your bees, this is one of the ways.


  1. I'm just now getting my traps ready. not a fan of the contemporary music. Tom Petty is better.

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    that music was dope!! bee keeping is that cool!

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    the music was bumpin!!

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    Yep. That's the way it works! I caught five swarms last season, and since it was my first year I didn't even have used comb or my own swarm lure. I used Swarm Commander – pricey, but effective.

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    Thanks. And keep beeezy.

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    Very nice. Always informative. Thanks again. Keep them coming.

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