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SMALL HIVE BEETLES, Hive Beetle trap filling,installing on honey bee hives.Video,Georgia Beekeeper John Pluta installing Small Hive Beetle traps into …


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    If I had hives in the shade like that in Missouri there would be so many Beetles they would have absconded and and I mean even if they're strong nucs or ten frame deeps.I had some abscond due to heat so I moved some to where it got shade in the evening, they went from a couple Hive beetles to loaded, stressing the bees Plum out, and the bees left within 3 days of placing them there.Cds don't work for me , beetle blasters don't catch hardly any for me,Crisco a joke,acv joke, I think you just sold some of these ,proofs in the pudding..Thanks for sharing

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    can I get some of those, looks great, please respond

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    You definitely have a shb problem

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    whats your email address, I want to order some of your beatle traps

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    From the packaging the bait looks like Combat Max. Not approved for use in hives in Arkansas unfortunately.

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    What is the name of those traps and where can I get some. Also, what the substance you were putting in the traps.

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    Can someone please tell me what kind of bait you used in this video

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    why not put se real traps in all year round

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    Where can I purchase the traps?

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    What is the stuff your putting in there ?

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    Great video! How can you be certain, with so many dead beetles, that none have laid eggs and gone to their larval stage? My understanding is that the small hive beetle larvae destroy the hive.

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    What do you fill the traps  with?

  13. Nice beetles trap techniques sir, thanks for the idea 🙂

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    forgive me my confusion – I want to order the beetle blasters – and cannot negotiate your site – please assist me.
    thanks – Sophia the bee whisperer

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    I guess I'm going to have to give up on the homemade boric acid bait. I've tried a few different recipes and have had zero luck. I'm going to have to try the roach bait gel, and hope it does the trick. Using Swifter sheets, beetle buster oil traps and the homemade bait in traps on the bottom board, and using demetrius earth and Gardstar 40 on the ground around the hive stands ….and I'm still losing ground to SHB this year.

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    Have you ever had a bee die off?

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    How can I buy some of these?

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    Hey John are you still using the bait in the syringe?Seems like a great way to go or have you moved on to other treatment tricks .Let me know please thanks S.D.

  19. Thanks for your comprehensive presentation! As new bee keepers, we did not know of all the different ways to trap beetles. You saved us a lot time and effort showing the up and downsides of the different methods.

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    Where do I buy them?

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    I have the same question. What was the compound he was using in the tube he was injecting onto the trap?

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