How To Relocate A Honey Bee Hive

Why would someone ever want to relocate a honey bee hive? Some beekeepers move their hives as part of a pollination service. But today, we head to Augusta, …


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    I know this is a lot longer than most of our videos but some of the footage was to cool not to share. What did you guys think?

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    Great job to the both of you. Just WOW! That must be amazing. 😀

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    Very awesome cool video. I loved hearing the humming of the bees when you set the gopro on top of the hive. You did a great

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    To me, this was more of a "meat & taters" kind of video rather than the usual, traditional "let's go check the hive" videos most people seem to do. Enjoyed this much more as I contemplated how you were going to handle the entire 'mess'. Very good.

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    TX here. Just hoping that none of your new bees are killer bees. The only way to tell the difference is killer bees are very aggressive. Killer bees in Texas have killed several hundred people since they invaded.

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    I would also put a few sticks in the feeder in case any of the bees get in there before you seal it off. Just my thoughts on it.
    Great video

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    So if you’re right that they fought off the wax moths wouldn’t that be a good thing? Meaning they should be a really strong hive? Nice going y’all! One day I will have bees. I’m deathly afraid of bees and wasps currently. Lol

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    Loved the video and loved seeing Blaze!! Can’t wait to see updates on this hive!! Good luck!!

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    Very interesting to watch thanks learned something new today.

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    Great video and great save. Hope to see more videos on this hive in the future.

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    Great job saving the bees!

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    I will be in Elberton visiting family this weekend. Do you give tours to beginner bee keepers? Is it too late to start a new hive? Cindy

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    Thanks for showing a city kid the process of bee keeping.

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    I think you would enjoy the Bush Bee Man channel, he does a lot of hive rescues as well

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    I would love to have bees, but sadly I am deathly allergic to them.

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    Good morning my brother

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