Honey Bees/ Wax Moths/ Natural Treatment

One of the biggest pest to honeycomb in a bee hive is wax moths. All beekeeper keep their eye open for this moth because in just a few days it can destroy a bee …


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    I used cupboard moth and clothes moth pheromone sticky boards that I get them from the supermarket….NewZealand .
    Attracts the adult moths really good for putting in hives you are storing.

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    Nice video, thank you for sharing

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    Could you maybe do a video on HOW MANY frames of honey we should leave for the hives this winter? How much per deep hive brood box?
    We are in Ft Wayne, IN.
    We don't want to feed sugar water unless we have to. Thanks for your video on candy board making!

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    one day on the freezer is enough, even wax moth eggs are destroyed. I also do freezing of the sealed drone combs to trap and kill varroa mites.

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    I am learning so much from you. You helped me through my first queen cells crisis & I was able to successfully make 2 hive splits. All the ladies in my bee club gather at my house for wine, cheese & JC night. We watch your videos from Apple TV. Hello from Ft Wayne IN.

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    I love this channel, now I'm saving and hope to keep bees next year! Thank you Jason!

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    You make interesting content and great videos but please get a good microphone

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    Nice video! Thanks

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    I don't leave mine in the freezer for days, hours are enough time to kill the Wax Moths. what I think determines the duration is the temperature of ur freezer. But i agree with your reason why Wax moths take over! I'm young in bee keeping and since learning I see way less wax Moth and even when i see a few i'm confident in my bees i don't even worry 😀

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    Nice video Jason. Curious about the plastic bag. I put questionable frames in the freezer but not in a plastic bag. Is its purpose just to contain any mess that may drip or spill?

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    i have 200 frames what i must do???
    b401 is it work good??

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    Hi Jason, i discovered moths in my hive. I just to confirm something you mentioned. My hive is weak right now. there's no queen and the bees that remain is about a fraction of what I had.

    1 – If I freeze my frames, do i need to clean them before putting them back in the hive or will the bees take care of it?

    2 – how do i clean out the moths if there are some bees still in the hive?

    3 – I would like to reestablish my hive. Should I buy a queen, buy another nuc or produce my own queen? I just watched your video on producing queen cells.

    Thanks Jason you rock!

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    What to do when your frame have 3/4 capped honey cell and the rest is infested with moths larva and crawling in it
    ?…., thanks for answering me !….

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    The wax moth is our worst nemesis! We fight them just about more than anything.

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    You dont use screen botom board

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    I put the empty boxes with frames in them in a large leaf bags seal it and freeze the hole thing several reason to bag them before I freeze them 1 keeps them from sweating from heat to cold causing mold 2 if the frames have bugs already in them they fall out of the frames messing up the freezer 3 I keep them in bags at all times so no new bugs can not get to them so far this has worked good if i leave the empty out new bugs has moved in and it is a big mess when u find it I have found out the hard way on all the above. thanks for the video

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    Ha jason I bought some nucs and they are ate up with moth worms I want to freeze the hole hive with the bees in it what is your thoughts I would freeze the hive for 1 day to kill the worms any ideas thanks

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    If you have a good strong hive you can place an entire box of wax moth infested frames on it and the bees will clean them out in a day or two. If you go back in a few days the comb will have holes and bad patches in it but it will be clear of any wax moths, wax moth cocoons etc. I've also done this with frames slimed from small hive beetles with great success. Freezing always works but not everyone has a freezer big enough so maybe this is an alternative.

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    Best wax moth explanation.

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    Thank you Jason

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    Thanks Jason ,that is good stuff form the ancient Aussie beek

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