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    Why does everyone say a swarm? Looks like a colony that isn't swarming to me.

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    Anyone nice the watch in the roof at about 1:12 of the video?

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    bees are amazing..

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    are the dripping stuff honey!?

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    what are hive beetles?

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    wait, why dont you want to do it? too messy? or too dangerous?

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  8. How often do you get stung?

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    I like your price thinking.

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    This is almost a must watch for any new beekeeper I wish I saw this Before I did a bee hive cut out – I kept saying to myself I wish I had have done this, I wish I would have done that! – Then when you capture the queen I was in awe of your skill, thanks for the video and I will watch them all as you make them.

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    Up here in North Georgia I buy five pound bags of white clover at Souther States and spread it over my yard after spike aerating, my bee's love the stuff.
    I fact I hate to mow it with the rest of the grass cause the honey bees are covering it up like white on rice but most of them move when they see me coming.

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    20/22% up from 15%
    Don't move bees to clover and Georgia temps to hot for clover nectar flow,so can't say.

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    If you watch the first comb I cut and dropped was full of honey,it hit my leg,ladder and all over floor.
    A very bad start I was covered and standing in it the whole time.

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    Not no but "HELL NO".
    That hive is just dripping with honey, I can't imagine the mess.

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    do you keep the honey

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    This is amazing! what happens to the hive beatles….afterwards.?

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    That is a big beautiful hive and yes I think every beekeeper should do at least one cut out or two because it give them an idea what it is like to remove a colony and the beetles if I see one I cut their heads off with my knife.

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    dont you need to put on the bee keeps cloths

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    winnie the poohs found the mother load!!!!!

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    These are your bees get em out of my dang garage lol your neighbors must have hives in all the walls and in every soffit

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    Interesting! For a wild swarm, they're quite calm, aren't they? Maybe that's because it's somewhat small? Either way, they're beautiful. 🙂 Well done and thank you for sharing.

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    hi john love your work, you know there is no 10 minute time limit now?
    almost endless, cheers Peter

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    can you do the same with wasps ?
    Can wasps be domesticated, so it won't attack me ?

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    Bees In the trap

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    eeeww hive beatles

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    wow thts big

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    y wont they sting him

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    Wtf I didn't get to see the end!!!!!

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    Great instructional video, Thanks John! I will be doing the same thing here in a couple of weeks. Yeah Buddy 🙂

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    Symptoms? A broad question.Yes I lose hives,but to what? We've had extreme weather, sprays on pollination, hive beetle stress.
    I stopped varroa strip treatments 3 years ago to clean up beeswax so some loss from mites.
    Overall hive numbers are up to produce more Nucs for spring sales with hard work.

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