Saving a Bumble Bee

I found a bumble bee near death in my house and decided to rescue it. Why? How? Find out in today’s video. In the video I mention colony collapse disorder.


  1. That is bee-utiful! I have never seen such a thing!

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    Hi. That was great. We got a bee keeper to put hives up at my wifes place. Our canola yields have increased with the hives. And we get honey as payment for him having them there. Great with chaga.

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    Initially I thought what you doing that was a nice thing to do. However, when you explained about the queen bee situation, that made it an important thing to do. Nature is all about balance. You said you saved one bee but in fact you saved all her potential offspring.

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    CPR for a bee, good for you

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    Well done….always love your show. Are you a scientist?

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    Way To Go Jen = The Bee-Whisterer ! Shared on my Face Book Page   ATB Ter  God Bless

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    That was a wonderful thing you did. I can’t say I’ve saved a bumblebee but I try not to kill spiders I find in the house, I take them outside. As an added note, my father could hold a bumblebee in his hands and it would not sting him. I witnessed it but never attempted to do it.

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    Awww, good job!

  9. Hi Jen that was really a wonderful thing you did thanks for sharing

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    Looks really weak in the knees there. Poor feller. Way to go pal👍
    I love bees and bee videos/bee channels♥ : ) Bees lives matter🐝🐝🐝

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    Really enjoyed this! I might share it with my 3rd graders if you don’t mind 🐝 🍯

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    Good stuff Jen

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    how beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  14. 🐝💖

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    I watched this video just for educational reasons incase I ever find a distressed bee and you gave me so much more than i expected by encouraging others to do the same. Thank you.

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    I believe Bumble Bees are the only native bee to North America?

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    God bless you, Bombas are my favourite creature on this Earth🐝❤👍. You Rock!!!!!

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    You're such a sweet caring person.😊🐝🍯🌼

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    That was so cute!🐝🍯

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    Good job and great video! My brother has 3 honey bee boxes so I know a bit about bees. And your right they are vital to the ecosystem! Nice video I enjoyed it

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    Wow, awesome job Jen Migwech

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    Great idea Jen, they are having a hard time on the mainland eh. Not so here on the rock yet. We really need them around or big trouble looming 4 sure. Gotta say the juice perked him up quite a bit eh, did you burp him ahhaha

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    Wonderful job..proud of you.

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