A very sad day…HONEY BEE MASSACRE!!!!

Today I was called out for a honeybee removal. When I arrived the homeowner informed me that their handyman had opened up the soffit and sprayed several …


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    You need to explain to the home owner that they have to reach into their money pocket very very very deep now since the colony was not properly removed.
    Now the real problem is just starting out and a professional exterminator is required month after month all year long for a long time.
    Here is the reason, Wax combs and food was left behind and roaches, wax moth, hive beetles and ants and other bugs will move in now and multiply since there is nothing there to defend the food and brood and wax comb sources. There will be also a bad smell from all those dead critters besides the dead bees that will develop.
    The combs still need to be removed, but a beekeeper will not do it because they will contaminate their equipment and will not take a chance to contaminate or kill their own or any other healthy hive. I sure would not do it.
    Bees are considered farm animals and are controlled by the department of agriculture.
    This what happen if a colony of bees is not properly removed.

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    I 100% agree with you in that it is Def. a crime. a Horrendous crime and threat to life itself.
    I'm not a beekeeper .. howevrer.. I've helped relocate hives. I've actually relocated 2 Yellowjacket hives! I Know they're not the same at all however.. they ahve a purpose as well.
    .. This upsets me so much ..

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    🙁 devastating. Sharing. omg :'(

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