Saving Queen Violet

Follow me in my efforts to save a weak late season swarm.


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    That queen is a virgin…only virgins pipe like that. Those late season swarms are from queen right colones that raised a virgin…the virgin quickly fled the parent colony with a small entourage else she would have been killed immediately. When you introduced that virgin to the split that worker was attempting to ball and kill her and would have killed her had you not interceded. I find those late season swarms can/do survive winters if given drawn combs to establish a brood nest. How long was it before the virgin started laying eggs? Bet it was 5 days…good video…

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    Beautiful work!

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    Nice work. 5125honey

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    Hey ABF, nice videos! I've not watched the whole back-catalogue so perhaps you've already done this. Have you considered making a black soldier fly farm for the chooks? I love the idea of food waste in getting turned into high quality protein, and the grubs even harvest themselves up the ramp directly to the chickens.
    I'd be interested if it would work in NSW.

  5. Mate, I just love your videos. Top shelf

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    Hey m8 nice vid 😂👌

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    great job! I thought that first bee was trying to kill her..i hope they all make it thru winter. I look forward to updates on Queen Violet and her Loyal Subjects!! thanks for the video

  8. Thanks for that mate, made my night Cheers:)

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    Hope Queen Violet is doing ok. Just found your channel and love the bee vids

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    That was brilliant!

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