2019 Iowa Italian Carniolan Saskatraz Packaged Honey Bees Nucs Free Shipping Queen Bees For Sale

https://www.lappesbeesupply.com/nucs-queens-and-package-bees/ We are a 2019 Midwest online supplier listings of Italian, Carniolan, Saskatraz honey bees …


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    Good evening do you have package bee for sale   I am looking for Carniolan and Saskatraz Queens and 3 pounnd packages as well Thanks Curtis Barnhart  cell  3194804209

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    I got 3 queens from Kim Last spring. Can even start to say how happy I was with Lappe.Good service and the carnolian queens I got I had very little to give them to start with but they out performed every hive I had on my yard.I ended up splitting them because they really built up fast.They were so much more gentle than my other bees and so far they seem to be wintering ok,Will see this spring.I called Kim several times and she answered the phone like she was waiting for my call.You don.t get service like that anymore.Highly recommend them.

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    Was the comb drawn by the package? How much honey did you average in your harvest from these packages for 2017?

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    All my hives were stolen! Chip track them.

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    I had these bees. They are great! Mine were two lb packages. They started without any drawn comb. After filling two deeps with comb and brood, One package filled three suppers of honey and the other one filled 4.5. I will be ordering more. The queen virtually filled the brood frames completely with larva.

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