A Hive for the Honeybee in the Heart of a Tree – Celebrating Britain's First Tree Hive

The Natural Beekeeping Trust created the first “Zeidler” tree hive at Pertwood Organic Farm in Wiltshire. Watch trustee Jonathan Powell, trained in the tree …


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    Bravo Jonathan…

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    Great video, didn't know it is possible to create a hive like this. Glad you used my song.

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    This made me weep with joy. Keep up the sterling work

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    Inspirational video – no better endorsement than from the bees themselves – if you build it, they will come

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    That's amazing how quickly the bees moved into their new home! It'd be twice as awesome if you could make a tree hive and then hang it in the tree 👍

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    super great video loved it. I am guessing those hives are not created to collect honey? would be nice if those hives were created just so that bees could live somewhere in peace, keep their own honey and pollinate the flowers around them. I'd love to do something like that. thanks for posting

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    Great video! But I have two questions: how can you manage Varroa mites and how can you understand if the family has problems (lost of the queen for example or diseases)? Thank you!

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    Just incredible, I love the fact that you used an Ash tree. Who on earth would 'down like' this video!

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    After reading 'The Hidden life of Trees' I am not so sure the tree appreciates being hollowed. However great place for the bees.

  11. Not heard of this practice before, if the tree has dead heart-wood already it wont effect the tree unduly and the bees may well help to keep other less harmless species from the tree. Great project, thanks for uploading.

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    Hi, I am looking to build one of these soon in Avon. I'm just wondering if you harvest from this hive and how that can be done? I've bought the book Jonathan released but I'm a bit stumped on how to physically extract some comb from a tree hive.

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    great job !

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    Wonderful video, nice home for cute creatures. Thanks for your fantastic work

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    이런 사람들은 사라져서면 좋겠다
    자연을 사랑 할줄 알아야지 개인의 이익을 위해 자연을 해쳐서는 안된다고 본다

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    >chain saws
    choose one

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