5 Things in Spring. 5 Must Do's for your Bees

A terrible video on my part stumbling and bumbling through a top five list. Probably should not do these while inspecting hives . Anyway I cover some things you …


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    Alberta here on wed I pick up my package

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    Are those nitrile dipped gloves? How well do they hold up against stings?

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    Ground cinnamon around the hive an on top of the inner cover > helps with Ant control > cause ants can fly in threw the inner cover > It don't hurt the bees they love it

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    The top of your inner cover looks like my windshield during lovebug season with all the squished carcasses.

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    Put a top entrance above your queen excluder for ease of access to the foraging bees. You'll get more honey.

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    i feed my bees all year. My 3 biggest things are > Keep em dry, feed, and the honey out HONEY REALLY HURT EM! It take up laying space, makes em mean. make them want to swarm…yes what you said too is very important as well/ That what i do if i want to make splits, to get a lot of queen cells. CROWD EM honey is the fast way to crowd em

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    The bees are fine.. I watched you MASH almost a doz. bees during the vid… they are right to be getting upset with you !

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    You don't need to feed the bees with 2 deeps that are drawn out.They are established and will fill out the comb on their own. Feeding an established hive like that makes them swarm a lot sooner.
    You have about 3 weeks. Get ready!

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    Its hot out drink plenty of liquids and take breaks, This sun will ZAPP ya fast ! Where in the mid 90's We should be in the mid 80's That what i do catch my own bees if they swarm. but they don't its another lazy bee keeper bees he hee i getting them all

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    Thanks for the tips, I learned a lot.

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    Don’t roll the bees when pulling your frames out you are not very kind to your bees

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    @ 4:28 you rolled a bunch of bees, You might want to remove your first frame Slowly and with care because you never know where the queen might be. yes you are going to kill some bees during an inspection but you can minimize it by going slower. You have a lot of new bee keepers watching your videos and you are making several rookie mistakes. At 11:17 when you attempted to inspect the bottom hive body you should have removed the burr comb that was attaching to the frames in the 2nd box. If you are going to make a video at least try to do everything right. There was a lot of good information in here also.

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    I'm not sure if I missed something, but are you treating for mites without doing mite counts first?

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    13:56 Where did that frame come from? Did you leave 9 in the 2nd brood box?

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    Good day next spring is my first year one thing I have learned is watch the video then read all the comments by everyone else. Usually one can learn more reading all the comments after watching the video. I also am Canadian and looking forward to my first year. I will remember to pull up frames slowly and not spin them around and remove all wax stuck to the bottom. I am in Alberta cheers all

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    saw the queen at 7:18!!

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    How soon after the video did they swarm?

    Around 7 mins the frame you pull has charged queen cells along the bottom 😬

    Swarm cells not Supercedure ones, watching their behaviour it looks like they were up to something 🙂

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    Dam short hive beetle, now green lizards love to eat bees, now lady bugs in the hives, fighting the ants away he hee i don't like getting stung either around the head or face. can't wear blue jeans they sting my butt. since you went into the hive> don't leave that honey> take it out Light and dark both. got brood on it put it on top to hatch out then pull it. cheers bro

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